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August 1, 2018

2 Important Initiatives to Enable Multi-Unit Franchisee Success

Written by SmartSense | Food Safety

Setting up a successful multi-unit franchise is challenging. It requires significant investments in time, energy, and resources to realize success. Despite this challenge, there are many benefits to investing in multiple franchises. By opening multiple units under the same franchising license, managers will take on less risk and can realize profits sooner than if they were to open a single store.


But how do you ensure success?


It is important to keep two things in mind if you are considering the multi-unit franchise route: a robust set of standard operating procedures and visibility into franchise performance as it relates to these standard operating procedures will help to ensure success.


Consistent Standard Operating Procedures

Opening up a franchise requires adherence to a set of standards as provided by the franchisor. Following these guidelines can be a complicated task for a single store, let alone a multi-store operation. However, these procedures are put in place to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. As any franchisee knows, store-specific standard operating procedures need to be implemented on top of franchisor guidelines to run a successful business.


Digital food safety has improved operating procedures for franchises with diverse business models, all with unique methods of food preparation and serving practices. Taco John’s, for example, leverages this technology to meet strict food safety guidelines that maintain the high level of quality they were built on. By developing a solution that replaces pen and paper logbooks, SmartSense helps to eliminate the time, cost, and uncertainty of manual methods.


“A key goal of our technology modernization initiative is to provide the best tools available throughout all locations to maximize customer satisfaction and maintain our commitment to provide safe, healthy food to all communities. There were many choices, but SmartSense’s was clear because of its ability to provide an immediate impact.” – Rocky Clark, Vice President of Operations, Taco John’s International, Inc.

– Rocky Clark, Vice President of Operations, Taco John’s International, Inc.


A foundation built on effective operating procedures is necessary in running successful franchises. Task management solutions streamline costly and labor-intensive checklists and food safety tasks, in addition to eliminating the uncertainty of manual methods.


Complete Visibility Across Stores

Having a single view into performance across multiple stores is critical to ensure that quality is upheld throughout franchises, a near impossible task for anyone managing more than a few stores. Without a consolidated view, ensuring safe and high quality meals is a tedious and time-intensive task. Moving away from paper and towards cloud-based reporting and real-time notifications provide managers critical information to ensure customers receive a safe and high quality meal. On a larger scale, enterprise reporting will allow side-by-side store comparisons, improving processes and systems throughout all franchise locations.


Quality Control for Multi-Unit Franchisee Success

Adopting a real-time food safety system can help to guarantee quality across stores, driving customer safety and satisfaction along the way. Digital solutions enable restaurants to manage daily tasks and automate the capture of temperature logs, giving more time back to managers to focus on initiatives that will improve their business. Managing food safety for a single franchise is challenging enough; implementing an all-in-one task management and temperature monitoring solution can help ease the burden of keeping all franchises up to standard.


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Topics: Food Safety

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