The Thanksgiving Supply Chain: Let’s Be Thankful for No Foodborne Illness

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – do you have your turkey and all the fixings for your Thanksgiving dinner ready to go? Better yet, do you know what your turkey has been through to make it to your dinner table!? Retailers and distributors sure do. They understand the high-demands of the holiday season better than anyone else. It's becoming increasingly important to respond to these demands with technology...

Written by Garret Weigel | November 20, 2018 | Supply Chain, Food Safety, HACCP

Is Amazon Go the Future of Retail?

Amazon GO is the latest innovation in the master plan of CEO Jeff Bezos to compete in the brick-and-mortar retail business. The new chain’s gimmick? No checkout, no lines, just shop and go! If it sounds like a 3D version of, that’s intentional. The concept of the new chain is touted by Bezos as ‘revolutionary” in its use of smartphone and geofencing technologies to streamline the customer experience.

Written by Garret Weigel | November 16, 2018 | Connected Facility

From Farm to Fork: The Dairy Supply Chain

Milk and dairy products have been associated with foodborne illness for centuries. So it’s no surprise that they’re probably the most highly regulated foods. In fact, the milk industry was the first sector of the food industry to implement its own regulations to improve food safety. To get a little perspective – in 1924, when the first Pasteurized Milk Ordinance was passed, milk products accounted for 25% of all...

Written by Garret Weigel | November 14, 2018 | Food Safety, Supply Chain

Improving Patient Safety Through IoT

Healthcare is complicated for the simple reason that people are complicated. Every human is unique, and the problems they experience that lead to hospitalization are in no way trivial. This puts enormous pressure on healthcare providers to ensure safety for their patients. There is an opportunity for improvement in every aspect of health care; from the operating table to prescribing medication post-op, mistakes are...

Written by Garret Weigel | November 9, 2018 | Pharmacy Safety

The FDA’s 5 Most Common Food Safety Citations

We all read the headlines about foodborne illness outbreaks at top national chain restaurants. Naturally, these big stories attract both the public and the press. But have you ever wondered if the violations that cause these infamous outbreaks are relatively rare events or more common among all restaurants, large and small? That’s a question the FDA tries to answer every fiscal year.

Written by Garret Weigel | November 7, 2018 | HACCP, Food Safety

Managing Shrink: Inventory Control of Temperature Sensitive Cargo

In 2017, Baxter International shipped INTRALIPID 20% IV Fat Emulsion, 100 mL, to hospitals and healthcare providers in the United States. The shipment never made it.

Written by Garret Weigel | November 2, 2018 | Supply Chain, Pharmacy Safety, Food Safety

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