December 28, 2017

SmartSense's Top Remote Monitoring Articles of 2017

Written by SmartSense

Another year has come and gone, and IoT has allowed us to accomplish more than anyone ever thought possible. New technologies are revealed daily, making once complex tasks easier and more manageable. Disasters such as the hurricanes taught us at how important connectivity is to keeping people safe during emergency situations. Thanks to IoT, we were able to assist one of our clients following the devastating hurricane season.

This year, we wrote about some IoT and remote monitoring topics that mean the most to us, as well as, the most to our clients. Check out our top remote monitoring blog posts of 2017, below!

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season - Discover how we were able to help our clients reduce product loss and continue helping customers, following the devastation caused by the recent hurricanes.

Unlocking the Potential of Enterprise IoT - Discover how TempAlert is unlocking the potential of Enterprise IoT by taking a look at how we've solved real-world problems for our clients.

What Hurricane Harvey Teaches us About IoT - Discover valuable lessons in IoT that we've learned from Hurricane Harvey.

3 Real-world Situations That Require a Continuous Monitoring System - Learn about three everyday situations that happen within coolers and freezers, as well as, why your stores need continuous temperature monitoring systems.  

Virtual Buffers: A Practical Approach to Product Safety Monitoring - Discover SmartSense's software solution to physical buffer vials, the Virtual Buffer Vial.

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