Supply Chain Visibility Offers End-to-End Cargo Safety

A prevailing challenge of every shipper is keeping cargo safe, intact, and free from damage. After all, consider the pathways that cargo travels. It's often...

Written by Garret Weigel | January 18, 2019 | Supply Chain

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An FSMS Is the Strongest Predictor of Food Safety Compliance

With each passing year of the 21st century, the restaurant cold chain continues to grow in new directions. Compared to 20 years ago, It’s less linear (similar to a chain) and more branching (resembling a tree). Plus, there are more touchpoints and more individual players involved. One significant reason for these developments is changing consumer tastes, in both food and service.

Written by Garret Weigel | January 16, 2019 | HACCP, Food Safety

Canadian Laws On Temperature Monitoring: Province Specific Standards

In our previous post, we outlined general recommendations and national standards for vaccine storage and monitoring in Canada. Despite what may be common practice in The States, pharmacists cannot immunize patients in every province and territory, which directly affects the need for temperature monitoring of vaccines in pharmacies. In addition to the general recommendations and national standards, laws and...

Written by Garret Weigel | January 11, 2019 | Supply Chain, Pharmacy Safety

Stadium Concessions: Food Safety at Public Venues

As we’ve said before, food safety is no easy task: it requires diligence, patience, and above all else, commitment to ensuring customer safety and product quality. All food service businesses have the same obligation to safety, whether or not they are a family run restaurant, a quick service chain with stores worldwide, or a public venue that serves thousands of guests in a few short hours.

Written by Garret Weigel | January 9, 2019 | Food Safety, HACCP

WHO’s in Charge: How the CDC and WHO Prepare Vaccines for Flu Season

Every New Year brings the inevitable flu season. With fingers crossed, those of us who received flu shots in the fall remain hopeful that we’ll be protected during the winter months from any one of the several influenza viruses circulating at work, school, and other crowded spaces. Sometimes we’re lucky, sometimes we’re not.

Written by Garret Weigel | January 4, 2019 | Pharmacy Safety

Supply Chain Logistics: The Backbone of Global Trade and an Optimal Standard of Living

While the world may feel like it’s becoming smaller due to the advances in technology and communications, there is still a great disparity between the resources some countries have over others. This disparity can be partly explained by the lack of a substantial supply chain with supporting technology in developing or underdeveloped nations; it substantially affects their ability to move the same level of supplies...

Written by Garret Weigel | January 2, 2019 | Supply Chain

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